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Question about rental cars

Q 01. What do I need to bring with me to rent a car?
We will need to see your driver’s license, and make a copy of it. Unless you are a Japanese citizen, we will also need to see your passport.
Q 02. If I get tired driving, may I let someone else drive?
Yes. However, that other person must register when renting the car, and we will need copies of his or her driver’s license, etc.
Q 03. What should I do if I cannot drop off the car by the scheduled time? Is there an extension charge?
Please notify the office where you picked up (or will drop off) the car. You may be charged an extension charge. Cars cannot be dropped off outside of office hours.
Q 04. If I arrive at the office late, after closing, and cannot drop off the car as planned, what should I do?
You will have to drop off the car on the following day, and an extension charge will apply. If you think you will be delayed, please contact theoffice immediately.
Q 05. What should I do if I can’t fill the fuel tank before returning the car?
The car must be returned with a full tank. In emergency situation, or when there is insufficient time due to train schedules or other conditions, the office will calculate the approximate cost based on the car class and distance traveled, and charge you accordingly. However, the liter price will be higher than usual because staff will have to fill your tank for you.
Q 06. Is it possible to drop the car off at a location other than the designated one, once we leave?
Please contact the office you rented the car at to confirm, because it may not be possible to accept the drop-off destination change. If the destination change is accepted, you may be charged extra for a one-way rental.

Questions about insurance

Q 07. What should I do if there’s an accident?
  1. (1) Act immediately to prevent further accidents, injury, or damage at the site, and help any injured.
    Move your car into the left-hand lane, and minimize danger by placing warning lights, flares, safety triangles, etc. If anyone is injured call for an ambulance (dial 119).
  2. (2) Notify the police, and file a police report
    Please file a police report for all vehicular accidents, and of course accidents resulting in injury, regardless of the severity of damage or injury.
    ※ It may be impossible to claim insurance compensation without a police report, so be sure to file one.
  3. (3) Do not attempt to settle claims for the accident yourself
    If you settle the claim yourself, it may be impossible to claim insurance compensation, in which case you would be liable for the entire amount.
  4. (4) Notify our office
    1. Explain your situation
    2. If there is another party involved, explain their situation
    3. Explain how the accident happened, specifically when, where, and who. Provide names, addresses, telephone numbers, and license plate numbers, and if there is property damage provide details
    4. What is the current situation?
    5. What condition is the vehicle in?
    6. Explain the vehicle situation and discuss how to proceed with our office staff.
Q 08. What is the insurance and insurance coverage system?
Rental cars are covered as indicated below.
However, the customer may be liable for the entire amount in the event of a disclaimer (as listed in the right-hand column), or if a police accident report is unavailable. Cars provided by JR Rent-a-car may be provided by affiliated rental companies, in which case their contractual terms and conditions will apply. Please check with office staff for additional information.
Q 09. What would it cost me if I cause an accident?
You will be liable for the total of the following three items.
(1) Any amount exceeding the coverage (see Q12), and your deductible. If your rental agreement includes the deductible waiver, you will not be liable for the deductible.
(2) Towage and related vehicle transport charges
(3) Non Operation Charge (NOC):
・If the car is driven to the designated office 20,000 yen
・If the car is not driven to the designated office 50,000 yen
Q 10. What is the Non Operation Charge (NOC)?
The Non Operation Charge (NOC) is compensation for business interruption occurring when a car is taken out of service for repairs or other reasons that are the responsibility of the customer.
Q 11. What is the deductible waiver?
The deductibles mentioned in Q08, namely 50,000 yen for property damage and 50,000 yen for vehicle damage, are waived with this option.
The deductible waiver may be added when the rental agreement is made, for the following additional charge:
Deductible waiver: 1,080 yen per day (or 24 hours)
Q 12. Does insurance coverage apply in the event of an accident while another person in my party is driving?
It applies only if you have registered that person as a driver for the car when when making the rental agreement. This must be done before renting the car.

Questions about options

Q 13. Can I also rent studless tires or tire chains?
Please reserve them when making your car reservation. Depending on stock, however, it may not be possible to provide them as requested.

Questions about payment

Q 14. Can I pay by credit card? What cards do you accept?
We accept JCB, VISA,AMERICAN EXPRESS,MasterCard,UnionPay card (excluding offices that do not accept credit cards).
Q 15. When do I pay?
You pay when entering into the rental agreement, before leaving with the rental car. If the car is dropped off after the designated time you may be charged an additional fee.
Q 16. I am traveling with a small child. Do I need a child seat?
Children under six must be seated in a child seat when the vehicle is in motion, under a law enacted. This applies to rental cars as well. Please reserve a child seat when making your car reservation.
Type Child’s height Child’s weight Child’s age
Baby seat 70 cm Under 10 kg Up to 12 months
Child seat 100 cm 9-18 kg Approx. 6 months to 4 years
Booster seat 135 cm 15-36 kg Approx. 4 to 10 years
* The rental charges for child seats are 540 yen for one day, 1,080 yen for two days, and 1,620 yen for three or more days. (Consumption tax included)

Other questions

Q 17. Can I request a specific class of car?
Please specify when making your reservation. It may not be possible to provide the requested class, however.
Q 18. Can non-Japanese drivers also rent cars?
Drivers with a valid international driving permit from a nation that is a signatory to the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic can rent a car. In that case, we will need to see that person’s passport.
Q 19. How do I change or cancel a reservation?
To change your reservation, call the Reservations Center (092-687-4667)
Q 20. Can I make a same-day reservation?
Yes, if a rental car is available.

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